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Robbie Purvis & Jammy Purvis

My husband and I went to Georgia to get a mini Pomeranian puppy from Mini Teacup puppies store…we named our puppy Omer because he responded to his breeders name!! This puppy is soooo amazingly intelligent, sweet and tiny …I couldn’t be happier and it’s changed our lives…We are so proud of our baby boy…thanks so much for bring us together;)

Tamra Combs Gamblin

We got a teacup Pomeranian, Honey, from Mini Teacup puppies 1 year ago, and she is now 1 years old. She is so smart, lovable, and is so great with kids. She is a joy and peace in our family. In the picture is her with my girls. Thanks so much!

Rita Catherine Martell

  • The Breeder Was Friendly

Thank you Mini Teacup puppies for helping us find the perfect teacup puppy, our Pomskie, Bella. She’s smart, funny and friendly. Vanessa was friendly and the puppies all looked happy and healthy. We love her so much!

Sandy Vasquez

  • My Daughter Loves H

Got our teacup pug from Mini Teacup puppies. He is an awesome dog. My daughter loves him. This pup is very healthy, alert, and eager to please. He goes with us everywhere even though he does fit on our laps always

Laura Buchfinck

  • He Is Like A Teddy Bear

Bear is the best thing ever! Such a cuddly teacup Chow-Chow. He is like a Teddy bear! They named him bear, which is very smart!

Marcus Harris

  • I Would Refer Them To Anyone

I got a mini poodle her name was didi we named her daisy Daniel and Shawn were very nice to talk too. I would refer them to anyone. Thanks again

TeEra Martin

  • My Puppy Arrived In Perfect Shape

I was worried about having my puppy shipped by plane, but Shawn really put my mind at ease every step of the way. Everything from the pre-flight vet checks to the final pickup at my local airport was well-planned and communicated clearly. Most importantly, my puppy arrived in perfect shape and looking downright comfortable!

Bethany Cornwell

  • Understanding And Gave Me The Info I Needed

I bought Dexter the teacup pomeranian, from Mini Teacup Puppies last Saturday. He is a wonderful addition to our family. He is healthy and well behaved, I couldn’t have asked for more. I had a few questions after purchasing him and contacted Mini Teacup Puppies and they were very understanding and gave me the info I needed. Wonderful customer service. I recommend them very highly. I will use them again in the future.

Lisandra Collazo

  • I Love My Puppy

Thank You Vanessa And Shawn! I love my teacup puppy. I took her to the vet she’s great! No fleas no worms…. Love her we named her Sophie…journeys angle of grief.

Prince Satorre

  • Her Temperament and Size Is Perfect

I bought a puppy from Mini Teacup Puppies in July. Her name was originally “penny”. Her new name is Ruca. She is the healthiest and smallest puppy I have ever owned. Her temperament is perfect. If anyone is looking for a teacup puppy I highly recommend buying one from the Mini Teacup Puppies. Ruca has been a blessing and made our house a home.

Venus Strmiska

  • Healthy Dog With Good Hips

I bought a 13-week-old teacup maltipoo puppy, healthy and well socialized, from Mini Teacup puppies. She grew into a happy, healthy puppy with good hips and a love of frisbees. I recommend Mini Teacup puppies to all of my dog’s admirers.

Michelle Mars

  • Loves Me To The Moon And Back

I have the perfect puppy. He is a Shepkita. The perfect mix of intelligence, appearance, size, temperament and general personality. If I had the room I would get more. He gets along with all dogs of all sizes, loves me to the moon and back, and is my protector. At 7 months old, he is a very tiny 2.6 lb pup. Thank you

Larissa Lea

  • Our Vet Agrees With Our Assessment

We purchased our mini morkie puppy Pluto (now Riley) through Mini Teacup puppies. Riley is an outstanding tiny pup and a credit to his breeder….and our vet agrees with our assessment. Shawn is quick to reply to any correspondence, and they answered all my questions honestly prior to our purchase. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you all !

Sophia Makokis

  • She Is Absolutely Perfect and Tiny

Working with Shawn and Vanessa for my mini teacup chihuahua could not have been more wonderful! I had the puppy brought to south and Shawn kept me updated the entire day on the puppy’s flight! The crate she arrived in was so nice and she is absolutely perfect! I have already recommended Mini Teacup Puppies to a friend!

Katherin Yazzie

  • Keti Was My Birthday Present

Keti was my birthday present for my daughter. She came from Mini Teacup Puppies, and I heard they didn’t want to see her go cause she was her little baby. And I definitely can see why! Keti is an awesome teacup yorkie!! She was so shy the first night but VERY quickly adapted to her new home. She is playful, lovable, well tempered, and lots of fun….not to mention extremely adorable!

Benito Terrazas

  • We Decided To Go Have A Look

Looking for another morkie was hard, we heard about Mini Teacup Puppies and Vanessa. We decided to go have a look, we seen Gunner (now Diesel)and fell in love. Thank you very much Mini Teacup Puppies 

Baharak Hebbi

  • He’s strong smart and very obedient

We purchased our teacup poodle puppy Duke from Mini Teacup Puppies in Georgia and could not be happier! Duke was worth every mile of the drive from Boston to Georgia. He is an amazing dog! He’s strong, smart and very obedient. The place where Duke and his siblings were born and lived was impeccable! Duke clearly came from a loving, clean and ethical place. And my son loves him so much

Linda Gerity

  • All Paperwork Was Sent In Perfect Order

This was our first time buying a puppy online and it was a great experience. The Mini Teacup Puppies and staff were a pleasure to talk to. We were in contact with Shawn and vanessa continuously during this process. They kept us informed about her flight and called to make sure she arrived safely. All paperwork was sent in perfect order. Riley has been to our vet and is in great shape. She’s a wonderful addition to our family. If you are looking for a teacup Yorkshire terrier I would recommend Mini Teacup Puppies and the breeder who was also in contact with is during this process. Thanks Shawn and Vanessa…

Campbell Creek House

  • Flew Into Texas

Here is Charlie our adorable teacup chihuahua that we flew into Texas this Christmas! He has been a absolute joy and such a sweet cuddle bug when he’s not biting.

Sheng Mendoza Luna

  • Christmas Was Not The Same

Romeo is the cutest thing! Christmas was not the same with him… it was way better! He is so smart, and very playful with adults and kids. Thanks Mini Teacup puppies !

Ro Na Lyn

  • Bodie Got To Us In San Francisco

Bought Harley now named Bodie. The process was very good and Shawn was very good about updating us the whole time till Bodie got to us in San Francisco from Georgia. Bodie is really a sweet teacup puppy and is very happy with us.

Joyce Bong

  • Took Him For His First Vet Check

We are amazed what wonderful dog Beau is we took him for his first vet check and our vet was so happy at his current shots and the wonderful health of our beautiful teacup poodle you can’t go wrong with Mini Teacup Puppies for sure:)

Joyce Bong

  • I Got My Brusier

I got my brusier from Mini Teacup Puppies 

 so happy with puppy…..he is now 4 months….he is healthy and such a good puppy…

Loale Froneberger

  • She Is Almost House Broken

We purchased out poodle on April 19th, she is a great additional to our family. She is so loveable and so smart and she is almost house broken and very tiny as we wanted. Thanks to Vanessa from Mini Teacup

Puppies. We will be purchasing another teacup puppy in the meat future from Mini Teacup Puppies.

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