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Registration Papers
All puppies sold by us are puppies that we own. At times there will be instances where we do not provide registration papers upon puppy acquisition, however, 99% of the time we do have the registration papers within 14 days. In some unusual situations, we are unable to provide registration papers. Please, if registration papers are extremely important to you, call and verify we do have them in hand prior to shipping your puppy or picking up. Most customers are buying simply for a family pet, so registration papers are not a must have. If we do not have registration papers at the time the puppy is being tendered, we do not guarantee that the puppy will have papers! Please confirm this with our reps if registration papers are important in your particular case. Again, we will do everything in our power to provide what we have promised.

DOB (date of birth) on registration papers will always be the correct DOB. When waiting on papers, we give the DOB but these dates are not always accurate. The DOB on the registration papers will always be the correct DOB. The DOB on the print out received at time of purchase is an approximate until the registration papers are in hand.

We have no affiliation with AKC, ACA, NPCR or CKC and take no responsibility for their actions or lack thereof even though we register all our puppies with AKC.

All refunds will be processed within 8 weeks of request and can take up to 10 days to post to your financial institution. Again, there will be no refunds for vet bills, pet returns, or shipping charges, as all sales are final and we only offer a replacement puppy per our warranty.

Designer Breed Puppies
All designer breed puppies that we sell are first generation unless otherwise stated. This means the mother and father are assumed to be purebred. Please understand, the parents are not DNA tested. Please understand, ACA does not require DNA on parents therefore there is always a long shot possibility that there is another breed in further back generations, even though the mother and father resemble breed and breed standard.

Coupons are advertised from time to time on advertising sites we use and also provided by our costumer services in some cases. The shipping codes must be entered at the time of purchase. It does NOT automatically compute for you. Refunds will NOT be made on orders entered without the code taking effect. Before running a credit card payment, it will give the customer a total. If the order is not correct, DO NOT enter any credit card information! Please call us and we would be happy to help you.

Adult Size & Weight Estimates
We are providing estimated adult weights on all our teacups based on parents’ size, breed history, litter size and age at 12 weeks. Please understand that when you are purchasing a mix breed dog, especially one between a mixed breed and a smaller breed, the puppy has the possibility to take heavily after one parent. Sometimes when the puppy reaches adult size it may be smaller or larger than the estimates provided. If weight and size is a major concern, please stick with a small breed puppy.

Weight Guarantee & Use of the term “TEACUP”

We uses the term “TEACUP” to refer to smaller breed puppies. If you are looking for a dog that will stay a specific small size, please purchase one of our puppies that offers a specific weight guarantee. The term “TEACUP” mean that you will receive a dog that stays under a specific weight at full grown size.

Every week we take photos of all the new puppies. At times, we group puppies in an effort to reduce the amount of listings that we may have. It is possible that we may have four “Tiny Tims” — what we do in this case is change the photos after each one sells, as they look very similar but have minor marking differences. To avoid any confusion, please always refresh your page prior to making your purchase. You may also request a picture with your name in front of it. If there is any concern regarding a photo discrepancy at the time of pick up, you must notify our staff within 24 hours of arrival.

Legal Jurisdiction
When purchasing your new puppy from us, we ask that you agree to our warranty policy in its entirety prior to checking out. As a part of that guarantee, you are stating that you understand that any civil action against us must take place in the United State.

Shipping Restrictions
All puppies are sent via commercial airline with a delivery agent. We have no affiliation with cargo airlines and we are not responsible for delayed flights, cancelled flights, re-routings & overnight kenneling. Once the puppy is tendered at airport, we have no additional control over the delivery of your puppy EXCEPT when the delivery is carried on by our proffessional nanny agent.

We ship 2 times per week during the weekend. These days are typically Saturdays & Sundays. Sometimes (depending on the nanny service hours) we will make exceptions to ship another day. If you designate an airport pick up with another transport service, we will find the best flight for your puppy on one of the days we ship. They must stay within our contract with our shipping terms & use the airports they service, within the times they allow and we do not ship our puppies with the cargo services. We have one of the best shipping service of animals in the United States, so we appreciate you giving us the courtesy of finding the best flight for your puppy.

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